Facility Profile: Life Fitness Center

Address: 2222 Middle Rd, Bettendorf, IA 52722

Date Constructed: 1970

Life Fitness Center is a 68,000 square foot multi-use recreational facility that features indoor
tennis courts, basketball/volleyball courts, a weight room, group exercise rooms, a walking
track, and an indoor lap swimming pool. The facility fills the need in the community for court
sports groups, active older adults, and tennis memberships primarily. 


  • Located in the new geographic center of town
  • Long walking / jogging track
  • Good tennis facility
  • Good condition for it's age
  • Indoor pool facility


  • Walking track and circulation paths conflict
  • No air-conditioning
  • Pool mechanical equipment nearing end of life
  • Not ADA compliant, renovations would be challenging
  • Parking is a challenge

For more information, visit the Life Fitness Center website at lifefitnesscenter.org.