We have done our best to answer the most common questions, however, if you have a question that is not covered in this section, please attend one of our upcoming public meetings and/or submit a question via the form on the "Contact Us" page.


Q: What is a feasibility Study?

A: This process is to determine the need for and the financial viability for a new or improvements to existing recreation facilities.


Q: Will this project result in a design of a new recreation Center?

A: No. If the study determines that facilities improvements or a new facility is feasible, the design phase would occur in a future phase. 


Q: What’s already been decided about the study?

A: There have been no decisions made regarding existing facilities, a site for a new facility, or the spaces and offerings that a potential recreation center.


Q: A study was completed in 2015, how is this study different?

A: At the time of the study in 2015, the market for indoor recreation and fitness was significantly different.  The TBK Bank Sports Complex (Bettplex) was in it's initial planning stages and the expansion to the Bettendorf Family YMCA was underway.  The market impacts of these projects were unknown.  At this point and time, we can understand the market impacts of these new and expanded facilities and better assess how the parks and recreation department can better serve the community.


Q: What was the benefit of the 2015 study?

A: The 2015 study focused on assessing the conditions of the existing facilities and providing recommendations on repairs.  It also looked at recommendations for new facilities, but could not accurately assess the local market due to the new and expanded recreation facilities in the area.  The current study will build upon the data and information gathered in 2015.


Q: What will happen to LIFE FITNESS Center and the Parks Department programs offered there?

A: Recommendations for the Life Fitness Center will be part of the study outcomes.  The study will analyze consolidating services in a new center versus keeping  programming at Life Fitness Center and expanding services to a new facility.  


Q: Will the study include an analysis of the schedule for the new facility to understand utilization?

A: Yes, the feasibility study will include an operational analysis which will forecast utilization rates in order to understand revenue and operational impacts.

Q: Who is on the steering committee for the project?

Below is a list of the members of the steering committee for this project and their respective email addresses.

Decker Ploehn - dploehn@bettendorf.org

Liz Solis-Willis - lsolis@bettendorf.org

Frank Baden - fbaden@bettendorf.org

Scott Naumann - snaumann@bettendorf.org

Steve Wilger - wilgersp@gmail.com

Tim Carroll - tcarroll@bettendorf.org

Julie Martin - juliefick@gmail.com

Steve Grimes - sgrimes@bettendorf.org

Brent Scoglund - brentscoglund@ruhlhomes.com