The City of Bettendorf

The Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Bettendorf has started a process to update the Parks Facilities Needs Assessment & Feasibility Study.  This study will help the City assess what facilities should be improved or replaced based on facility assessment, market analysis, and input from the community.  The study will develop recommendations to assist the Parks & Recreation Department in moving forward with their operations.

Though a previous study was completed recently, Bettendorf has seen some significant changes in the recent years to the local athletic and recreation offerings.  The new TBK Bank Sports Complex and recent expansion of the Bettendorf Family Y may impact the market for some of the City's offerings.  This study will build upon the previous studies findings and focus on the recent changes.

This website is part of our public engagement process.  On it, we will be documenting our progress and informing the public of opportunities to engage and provide feedback.  You can also reach out and ask questions using the "contact us" button at the top of the page.  

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